The year 1888 marked a universal milestone of freedom and discovery – stars and heroes were being born, and the means to disseminate their words, music and images were created.

What happened in 1888? 

  • Technology Gramophone invented, Kodak camera trademarked, 1st recorded film
  • Information – National library opens in Athens
  • Travel – First railways in China
  • Discovery – National Geographic Society founded
  • Song – Irving Berlin, Maurice Chevalier & Max Steiner born
  • Words – T.S. Eliot, Raymond Chandler & Eugene O’Neill born
  • Humor  - Harpo Marx born
  • Sports – Knute Rockne & Zack Wheat (Baseball Hall of Famer) born,
    The Football League formed in England
  • Rebellion – Match girl strike in London
  • Girl Power – Susan B. Anthony organizes for women’s rights
  • Freedom – Washington Monument open, No more slavery in Brazil

There have been many advances in the last 126 years that built the foundation for our generation’s DIY movement, and now more than ever as technology and media converge in unprecedented fashion, it is imperative to understand the landscape and possibilities.

It’s easier now to create your art, and certainly the Internet has provided unfettered opportunity to get it out there – but only to an extent. How do you rise above the noise and clutter of social networking sites? How do you meet that agent, that manager or that producer with whom to partner? How do you reach a new audience?

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